Concrete washout containers are a necessity for any contractor. After concrete is poured, equipment must be cleaned immediately to avoid drying of the material and damage to the machinery. The water runoff as a result of this cleaning is highly toxic to the environment and must be contained properly to allow the liquid to evaporate. Once this water has evaporated, the resultant concrete left behind can then be safely disposed of, usually by means a concrete recycling company.

If you’re a contractor in Albuquerque, Dumpster Express has the concrete washout containers you need to make sure your business can not only avoid liability for improper disposal of concrete wash water, but keep our beautiful city clean for everyone. Concrete waste water has a very high pH level contains a high concentration of debris. If allowed to runoff, this wash water can pollute our groundwater, as well as block storm drains and piping. Concrete washout containers help you appropriately store this waste water until the concrete dries and can be recycled.

Contact Dumpster Express today to learn more about the pricing of our concrete washout containers so you may keep your site clean and safely dispose of your concrete waste water.